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About Us

True North Millwright Services

As a company that primarily services rural communities in B.C, True North recognizes the value and importance that local businesses have in benefiting communities as a whole. We are a huge supporter of local economic activity and we want to help to ensure the longevity and sustainability of our industries for years to come. 

True North Millwright Services is situated in Prince George, B.C. We offer a variety of services to industrial plants including sawmills, pulp mills, pellet mills, mines, and oil and gas. With extensive expertise in each of these sectors we can ensure a job well done. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service in an efficient and timely manner. We prioritize effective communication while following strict protocols to ensure that project objectives and requirements are being properly met. We understand the unpredictability of equipment and machinery and the vitality it has to your company, which is why we are dedicated to providing seamless service that will reduce downtime and have equipment running at its best.